Issue 27

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1. Lyudmila Datsenko, Bohdan Siryi. Designing the historical atlas «Holocoust in Ukraine (1941-1944)». - P. 4-11. Full Text

2. Mikhail Burla. Macroeconomic models as an object of economic-geographical study and application. - P. 12-19. Full Text

3. Mikhail Grishchenko, Julia Yermilova. Analysis of the development and functional zoning of the Russian Arctic cities, identified by satellite imagery. - P. 20-27. Full Text

4. Olena Danylchenko, Olesia Kornus, Anatolii Kornus, Serhii Siutkin, Borys Neshataev. Practical training of geographers: state and problems. - P. 28-34. Full Text

5. Nataliya Duk, Irina Sumatokhina. Regional environmental programs of Dnipropetrovsk region: analysis, mapping, degree of implementation. - P. 35-41. Full Text

6. Viktoriia Mashkina. Distance training of geography teachers in the context of educational reform. - P. 42-48. Full Text

7. Vladimir Opara, Helen Dombrovska. Nationwide evaluation of agricultural lands in Ukraine. - P. 49-54. Full Text

8. Svetlana Reshetchenko, Kateryna Chernova. Modern meteorological observations for aviation purposes. - P. 55-63. Full Text

9. Igor Sharukho. The analysis results of toponymic information layer of cultural landscapes: on the example of Polotsk Lake District hydronyms. - P. 64-72. Full Text

10. Boris Shulika. Constructive and geographical basis of the viticulture development in the North-Eastern foreststeppe region of Ukraine. - P. 73-81. Full Text

11. Nataliia Popovych, Vilina Peresadko, Olena Sinna. The use of GIS to study accessibility of the urban environment (case study of Secondary Cities project). - P. 82-88. Full Text