Issue 28

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1. Aleksandr Dontsov. Establishment of students’ creative personality in tourism profession through individual and group teaching. - P. 4-10. Full Text

2. Natalia Bubyr, Nataliia Khazova. Internet resource of the land fund at a local level in the light of the land reform іn Ukraine. - P. 11-17. Full Text

3. Olga Burla. Analysis of society’s spatial organization’s factors as a tool to increase effectiveness of geographical education and the applied role of geography. - P. 18-25. Full Text

4. Grygoriy Denysyk, Leonid Stefankov, Olga Chyzh. Physical or natural geography?. - P. 26-33. Full Text

5. Mykola Dubnytskyi, Alexander Barladin. Interactive educational web-resources on geography based on the materials of the Institute of Advanced Technologies, open data and cartographic JavaScript library Leaflet. - P. 34-39. Full Text

6. Valentyna Klymenko, Lyudmila Ivanenko. Peculiarities of annual internal distribution of small rivers’ runoff (on example of the Udy river). - P. 40-47. Full Text

7. Yuri Kоbchеnkо, Vyacheslav Rezunenko. Mathematical and cartographic methods of atmospheric processes’ analysis. - P. 48-53. Full Text

8. Boris Kochurov, Nikolai Marunich, Vasily Lobkovsky, Yulia Khaziakhmetova, Nina Fomina. Geoenergy assessment of forest ecosystems of Transnistria. - P. 54-60. Full Text

9. Lyudmila Polishchuk, Anna Moroz, Ruslan Kravchenko. Natural and antropogenic landscapes as a component of knowledge about environment. - P. 61-67. Full Text

10. Natalia Svir. Content peculiarities of teaching geography in the scientific and pedagogical project «Intellect of Ukraine». - P. 68-73. Full Text

11. Vera Sprenne, Alexander Zhemerov. Formation of knowledge about international economic relations in school geography. - P. 74-83. Full Text