Issue 26

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1. Rostyslav Sossa. Significance of ancient maps’ exhibition in the study of cartography history. - P. 3-7. Full Text

2. Alexander Barladin, Ihor Busol, Mykola Dubnytskyi. Complex «Electronic school» for information support of learning at school and at home on the basis of client-server technology. - P. 8-13. Full Text

3. Natalia Bubyr, Maryna Naidovska. Geoportal of the green zones in the city of Sumy. - P. 14-17. Full Text

4. Olga Burla. Study of the labor market and population employment in the school course of socio-economic geography. - P. 18-22. Full Text

5. Irina Drogushevska. Decommunization of toponymic: the concept of the historical names’ return to the map of Ukraine. - P. 22-27. Full Text

6. Valentyna Klymenko, Tamara Nizamova. Basin of the river Oskil as a tourist-recreational area. - P. 28-33. Full Text

7. Vladislav Malyshev, Irina Zhemerova. Methods of collecting the phytometric information to create a database of spectrometric and subject-specific characteristics of geosystems. - P. 34-37. Full Text

8. Ivan Oliinykov, Olena Sinna, Oksana Bodnia. The experience of web technologies’ implementation into cartography of the protected areas. - P. 39-42. Full Text

9. Mariia Onyshchenko. Presentation as a method of displaying an idea. - P. 43-46. Full Text

10. Vladimir Opara, Helen Dombrovskaya. Features of the standard evaluation of agricultural land in 2017. - P. 47-50. Full Text

11. Hanna Pasichnyk, Viktoriia Mashkina. Analysis of dangerous weather events’ dynamics in Kharkiv for 2006-2015. - P. 50-54. Full Text

12. Vilina Peresadko, Zulfazar Baltabaeva. Local lore school Atlas of Turkmenistan as the result of foreign students’ scientific research. - P. 55-61. Full Text

13. Svitlana Reshetchenko, Mikhail Hrystosov. Features of atmospheric phenomena’s dynamics in Kharkiv region. - P. 61-66. Full Text

14. Maxim Romanov, Alexander Zhemerov. Modern methods of teaching economic and social geography of Ukraine. - P. 67-70. Full Text

15. Viktoria Salimon, Sergey Salimon. Applying cinematic materials at geography lessons with suggestopedic educational technology. - P. 71-74. Full Text

16. Igor Sharukho, Alexej Shadrakov, Michael Pogotsky, Vladimir Khomyakov. Forest complex of Belarus at the modern stage. - P. 75-78. Full Text

17. Nataliya Yarema, Yuliya Holubinka, Oleksandra Yastrebkova. Education of specialists-cartographers in Lviv Polytechnic National University. - P. 79-82. Full Text