Issue 25

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1. Olena Sinna, Vilina Peresadko, Oksana Bodnia, Oleksandra Volkovaia, Vladyslav Popov, Oleksandr Tretyakov. The annual GIS-forum in Kharkiv: tasks, thematics and indicators of development in 2012-2017. - P. 3-7. Full Text

2. Mikhail Burla. Economic system as the basic object of study in the general educational institutions. - P. 8-12. Full Text

3. Elena Galai. Competent approach in the teaching course «Natural resource cadastres of Belarus» at geography faculty. - P. 12-15. Full Text

4. Volodymyr Hrytselyak, Ihor Dykyi, Ivan Rovenchak. Features and structure of edition «Atlas of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army». - P. 16-19. Full Text

5. Lyudmila Datsenko. Expansion of geographic information components in the educational programs of cartographers at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. - P. 20-23. Full Text

6. Oleg Dmytrykov. The concept of the falsified map as an integrated element of information society. - P. 24-27. Full Text

7. Aleksandr Dontsov. Formation of tourist specialization students’ creative personality through individual and collective teaching. - P. 28-31. Full Text

8. Elena Kоzakovа, Alexander Zhemerov. Independent external evaluation in the context of improving the quality of school geographical education. - P. 32-35. Full Text

9. Halina Lisicharova, Tetiana Nikolaieva. Taking into account the process of decommunization in training of geography students. - P. 36-40. Full Text

10. Viktoriia Mashkina, Daria Pyrozhenko. Research as a practical component of school geography. - P. 40-45. Full Text

11. Nataliia Popovych. Methods of map series production for a local social-economic development strategy (a case study of Pesochin urban village). - P. 45-49. Full Text

12. Kostiantyn Priiadka. Geographical aspect of filling in the land cadastre data. - P. 50-54. Full Text

13. Kateryna Sehida. Geodemographic regional system research: information provision and methodical bases. - P. 54-59. Full Text

14. Maryna Storchak, Oksana Bodnia. Assessment of historical and cultural heritage in Lubensky district of Poltava region. - P. 60-64. Full Text

15. Sergey Sukhinin. New concept of geographical education in the Russian Federation: challenges, problems, contradictions, prospects. - P. 65-68. Full Text

16. Inna Shorobura, Olesia Dolynska. Tourism of Khmelnytskyi region. - P. 69-73. Full Text

17. Boris Shulika. Prospects of viticulture development in the North-Eastern forest-steppe region of Ukraine. - P. 73-77. Full Text

18. Oleksandr Karasov. Coherence of land surface layout as intangible environmental resource (Vooremaa landscape protection area, Estonia). - P. 78-82. Full Text